Cigar-Car Music

Cigar-Car Music

I smoke cigars in my car. I recommend it to everyone. There is always that initial “No this one I’m going to keep spotless and help the resale value 5 years from now” thought that goes through everyone’s head when they get a new car, for me it usually last about a week or two until I give in and realize what a fool I’ve been. One of the main reasons I smoke in my car is that I have found nothing compares to the feeling you get when you’re driving, listening to a good song and smoking a great cigar. Whether it’s just on the ride home or across the country every now and then the stars just align and the moment is perfect. I’ve actually found myself at one moment in life coincidently smoking a CAO Soprano while listening to Frank Sinatra and driving on the Jersey Turnpike (I live in MA)…just saying. Anyways below is a list of songs I find are great cigar smoking songs, as well as a list of cigars I think would go great with the tune. The destination, well that’s up to you.

Please feel free to email us with great cigar ride songs you’ve come up with or experienced and we’ll be happy to add them to the list. or

Without further ado (In no particular order)

Artist: Tom Waits

Song: Tango Til They’re Soar

Cigar: L’Atelier Bone Crusher


Artist: The Rolling Stones

Song: Playing with Fire

Cigar: Rocky Patel Edge Maduro Torpedo


Artist: Jace Everett

Song: Bad Things

Cigar: Macanudo 1968 Robusto


Artist: Chris Cotton

Song: Dying Crapshooter’s Blues

Cigar: Baccarat Luchadores


Artist: Louis Jorden

Song: Saturday Night Fish Fry

Cigar: CLE Connecticut Corona


Artist: Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

Song: Good Enough

Cigar: Arturo Fuente Cuban Corona Natural


Artist: Harry Bellafonte

Song: Matilda

Cigar: Drew Estate Tabak Negra Toro


Artist: Kingston Trio

Song: Zombie Jamboree

Cigar: Room 101 Namakubi Papa Chulu


Artist: The Coaster’s

Song: Down in Mexico

Cigar: Sancho Panza Double Maduro Quixote


Artist: Theme from Rawhide

Song: (Blue’s Brothers version)

Cigar: Nub Habano 460


Artist: David Bowie

Song: The Man who Stole the World

Cigar: Ashton Classic 898


Artist: Nancy Sinatra

Song: Bang Bang

Cigar: San Lotano Oval Corona


Artist: Gordon Lightfoot

Song: Sundown (You better Take Care)

Cigar: Regius Lord Madsen


Artist: Reverend Wright and the Wrongs

Song: One of My Turns (Pink Floyd Cover)

Cigar: Drew Estate Kentucky Fire Cured (KFC)


Artist: Townes Van Zandt

Song: Dead Flowers (Rolling Stones Cover)

Cigar: Wynwood Granada


Artist: Lou Reed

Song: Take a Walk on the Wild Side

Cigar: Acid Toast