What to Include in Your Cigar Dossier?

What to Include in Your Cigar Dossier?

A cigar dossier is a great tool for any smoker – whether you’re new to smoking and are figuring out your preferences, or you’re an aficionado and want to track what you’ve smoked to reference in the future.

Cigar dossiers come in many sizes and formats. You can find them leather-bound, ring bound, pocket sized, etc. But in the event you wish to create your own, here are some common measurements found across the board, this way you can start rating your cigars and figure out what measurements and tracking methods work best for you!

The Essentials

  1. Brand and size – it’s always good to start with this
  2. Acquired from – this is helpful to know if you want to purchase it again, or note if it was a gift, or part of a set
  3. Label – pasting the label into the dossier provides you that visual reference to help recall the cigar
  4. Rating – this can be done on a scale of 1-10
  5. Notes – your notes is what makes your dossier your dossier

Basic Measurements

  1. Ring gauge
  2. Full/Medium/Mild
  3. Size
  4. Age
  5. Description – many dossiers will have these descriptors on a grid, but you can rank these however you like:spicy, sweet, herbal, nutty, woody, earthy, leather, pepper, oily, creamy, floral, fruit, citrus

Future Recommendations

  1. Price – this is always helpful to reference in the future
  2. Buy again – Yes/No
  3. Pairings – the options here are endless!