Top 5 Reasons We Love to Smoke Cigars

Top 5 Reasons We Love to Smoke Cigars

Top 5 Reasons We Love to Smoke Cigars

Smoking a cigar is so much more than just an act of smoking. It’s a lifestyle. It’s a hobby. It groups people together under an identity. So what is it about cigars that makes them so amazing to smoke? To fully understand, you’d have to just try it. Spend an afternoon smoking a cigar with some friends or even alone. But if you are still on the outside looking in, we’ll give you a sneak peek into the life of cigar smokers!

Bond with People

After you’ve smoked a cigar with someone, you’ll find that you’ve each connected on a different level than if you had spent it eating pizza together. There is a community behind smoking a cigar as there is behind motorcycle riders. Cigars are how many choose to associate themselves with others and bond for no other reason than that they were a fellow cigar smoker. One cigar has the power to create some of the strongest friendships and spark the deepest of conversations.

Escape and Relax

Smoking a cigar isn’t always about being with people. Occasionally, it’s a good way to spend an evening alone. Cigars have the ability to transport us from our worries and stressors of the day to let us think about nothing. Smoking a cigar allows a person to escape from life for a moment and just think about what is. It could almost be considered a form of meditation as you sit back and ignore pressing matters of life. Your only focus is your cigar, how it tastes, and how it compares to past cigars. Whether you enjoy it with your coffee, on a boat, or in your backyard after dinner, a cigar will always hold that special power to take you to another world.


One of the most common reasons for smoking a cigar is to celebrate. We see it in movies all the time: a man who has been saving a special cigar for a special day. Celebrations like weddings, having a baby, or retiring are often those special occasions or milestones in life when a person who has never smoked before will smoke a cigar. It’s just what we as people do. It wouldn’t be a proper celebration without lighting up a cigar!


Some people collect expensive wine; others collect expensive cigars. For many, cigars surpass the label of pastime and even further past a hobby. Cigars can be a lifestyle. It goes back to having a community of cigar smokers. The community exists when you smoke a cigar with others. The lifestyle is what follows you home.


Have you ever walked by someone smoking a cigar? It doesn’t smell like cigarette smoke, does it? Cigars have a special flavor that both smells good and tastes amazing. Flavor is what you can have fun with and talk about. You can experiment with pairings such as a good cup of coffee or complementing glass of wine.

Smoking a cigar is all about the experience. And, of course, there are way more than just five reasons people enjoy smoking cigars as much as they do. These are just the most prominent. If you are a cigar lover, what is your favorite aspect about smoking a cigar?