The Secret to Pairing the Perfect Scotch with the Perfect Cigar

The Secret to Pairing the Perfect Scotch with the Perfect Cigar

A good cigar can be paired with any drink, such as coffee, whiskey, wine, beer, or rum. But have you ever experienced the perfect cigar with the perfect scotch? This pairing is believed to be incomparable to the experience of any other. Both scotch and cigars rely on time for their perfection. Both also rely on the perfect combination of ingredients to create the perfect blend. And both serve as a representation of lifestyle––embodying sophistication, relaxation, and a taste for the finer things in life. With such similarities, scotch and cigars unite to create the perfect combination for the perfect experience.

However, you can’t smoke any cigar with any scotch. The key is to pair full-bodied cigars with heavier scotches and milder cigars with lighter scotches. And other than making sure one doesn’t overwhelm the other, that’s it. That’s the “secret” to pairing a scotch with a cigar.

Of course, if you clicked on this particular post, you probably either don’t have the experience necessary to imagine such pairings before committing to one or you lack the confidence to just try something. So here are a few pairings we’ve collected that people enjoy. Again, the perfect scotch and cigar pairing is unique to each person, so we can’t guarantee you’ll love every one of them. It’s up to you to try them out and see how well you like the pairing.

Bowmore with a Serie R Black

The Bowmore, having matured in Bourbon casks, includes the rich flavors of peat smoke and sweetness. It best pairs with a full-bodied smoke, such as a Serie R Black, which has a hearty taste of earth, cedar, coffee, and spices with a hint of pepper.

Cutty Sark with a CAO Gold

The iconic scotch Cutty Sark pairs best with a light to medium-bodied cigar, such as a CAO Gold, which offers a light smoke and delicate flavors light enough to not overwhelm the lightness of the scotch.

Glenlivet 18-Year Old with an Arturo Fuente Opus X Double Corona

The Glenlivet is a classic Speyside dram best paired with a medium to full flavored cigar like a grand corona that has a rich but smooth taste. Bonus if you can obtain the rare Opus X made in the Dominican Republic.

Oban 14 with a Davidoff Aniversario No. 2

The Oban is a medium-body scotch with a sweet and slightly smoky undertone. It pairs beautifully with the medium-bodied cigar, Davidoff Aniversario No. 2.

Lagavulin 16 and a My Father No.1

The Lagavulin is one of the top full-bodied scotches in the world, pairing it with an equally full cigar, a My Father No. 1. You’ll be sure to enjoy the smoky, heavy taste combined with a spicy and peppery experience.

Really, the perfect pairing is dependent on the person––you, in this case. What flavors do you enjoy together? There’s no magic formula or secret to a perfect pairing. All you have to do is taste it. Choosing the perfect cigar and scotch pairing is like pairing what wine you want with your dinner. Or even easier, what toppings do you want on your burger? You know what each flavor tastes like on its own. So imagine them together, and there you have it. Your perfect scotch and cigar pairing.

Tell us what pairing you try or make up. You just might help some other struggling person find their way to their new favorite pairing!