How to Read a Person Based on the Cigar They Smoke

How to Read a Person Based on the Cigar They Smoke

How to Read a Person Based on the Cigar They Smoke

Did you know that the type of cigar you smoke can say a lot about you? You can look at things like size, color, and even how a person holds their cigar to determine what sort of person you are dealing with.

Whether you are trying to figure someone out or give off a certain impression for yourself, take these three things into consideration next time the opportunity arises.


The size of a cigar can indicate how a person approaches life. For instance, the longer or wider the cigar, the longer the smoke will be. And a longer smoke means that person has either all the time in the world to relax or is a master of time to afford the luxury. On the other hand, shorter or thinner cigars would imply that a person either has little time to spare or doesn’t like to waste time. These people typically are artists or outdoorsmen who appreciate a quality smoke but have other enjoyments to return to. If a person falls in the middle with a middle-length cigar, they show they have an enjoyment for life. They are neither in a hurry nor overly relaxed to the point of spending too much time smoking.

So if you are meeting with someone smoking a short cigar, you’d better talk fast. If it’s a long or wide cigar, they are probably comfortable with spending a lot of time with you.


The color of a cigar typically indicates a mood. The darker cigars are enjoyed more in private, which would imply a person is more complex and appreciates long periods of time spent thinking. The lighter colored cigars, however, indicate a more social vibe. These would be the type of cigars you’d smoke with a group of friends rather than alone in your study.

How You Hold It

Some people would see some ways of holding a cigar as a breach of etiquette. We say it really just depends on what kind of person you are. As long as you aren’t holding it backwards, you’re probably holding it just fine! We all know you can read a person by their mannerisms and how they hold themselves. The same goes for how they hold a cigar. That simple gesture can determine if you are thrifty, egotistic, practical, elegant, and more. Maybe there’s nothing to it. Check out this chart of ways to hold a cigar to see for yourself how accurate the positions are.

Based on these aspects of a cigar, you can attempt to make your assumptions about people or choose what impression you want to give off when you meet people in a cigar-smoking environment. A good start at the right impression is in what brand cigar you smoke. The brand alone will tell people you know what you are doing. From there, you can choose length, color, and smoking position to represent yourself for any situation.