How to Pair Your Cigar and Coffee

How to Pair Your Cigar and Coffee

The cigar and coffee pairing is a treat like no other. The two complement each other naturally because of the rich flavor and delicious aroma. While there isn’t a science to pairing cigars and coffee, there are many ways to experiment with pairings to discover what combination you enjoy most! Here are some ideas to consider next time you enjoy your cup of joe and stogie!

Match the Shade

The shade of the cigar wrapper and coffee can be a good indicator of a natural pairing.

Try pairing a lighter cigar, such as a Connecticut, with a lighter roast. Mild cigars pair nicely with more fruity roasts. It’s also good to note that lighter roasts contain more caffeine than others, so be ready for that extra boost of energy!

A medium-bodied cigar, such as a Habano, pairs nicely with a medium roast. The nutty flavor of the cigar is enhanced with a roast that is more balanced between acidity and body.

A darker cigar, such as the Maduro, is spicier and pairs well with darker shades of coffee, such as a French roast. These coffees have a fuller body, because of the longer roasting process. Lighter roasts tend to accentuate more so the flavor of the bean. Additionally, darker roasts tend to have less caffeine than lighter roasts, so this may be a nicer pairing if looking for less of a buzz.

Other Pairings

Try an espresso! Espressos have an aftertaste that can last up to twenty minutes. Pair this with a short cigar, such as a Robusto, and you have a flavorful experience, unlike any other.

Cool down in the summer time by pairing your stogie with a refreshing iced coffee. This will give you a cooling sensation while enjoying the warm weather.