Flavored Cigars for Every Palate

Flavored Cigars for Every Palate

Pumpkin spice, vanilla, dark cherry – only a few flavors we’ve come to associate with our favorite lattes or sodas, but what about in our cigars? How about an espresso cigar? Or a tasty mocha mint cigar? Yes, that’s right. Flavored cigars are a thing! But before you say absolutely not, that would ruin the cigar’s integrity, give this a read and maybe give them a try! They may not be half bad!

What do you need to know about them?

The key to flavored cigars is quality. The most satisfying flavored cigars have an aroma that’s been absorbed by the tobacco. This creates a more subtle, natural taste. Lower quality cigars are sprayed or soaked with flavor. There are also ‘reaction flavors,’ which means that as the cigar burns, the flavor flourishes and becomes richer.

The industry is taking off.

In the past, flavoring cigars was performed on cigars that did not sell well in an attempt to try to make them more appealing. Fortunately, as the flavoring process has evolved over the years, and more and more flavored cigars are hand rolled, companies have been investing in their flavoring processes. Some cigar factories are dedicating sections of their factory purely to the production of flavored cigars.

Great for Newbies

If you’re new to smoking cigars, flavored cigars can serve as a gateway. Some find comfort in tasting familiar flavors and as you get more used to smoking cigars, you can develop a great appreciation for the authentic tobacco flavor. Some have also said they found it helpful when transitioning to new darker wrappers.

So, why not give flavored cigars a try? Even, if only, to mix up your routine. Just remember, don’t store your flavored cigars in your humidor. The aroma will change the flavor of the others. Enjoy!