Choosing the Perfect Cigar to Bring in the New Year

Choosing the Perfect Cigar to Bring in the New Year

Real cigar enthusiasts make a plan of what cigar they will be smoking to ring in the New Year. This is serious business…what cigar should you choose and where will you enjoy it?

The first decision you need to make is where do you want to be to indulge in that special stogie? Should you choose a local cigar bar to enjoy this moment, or stay home? If you don’t want to spend a solitary New Year’s Eve, then maybe you could put together a house party and invite other cigar lovers. Choose a comfortable spot in your house and each of you can ring in the New Year with your favorite Corona, Panatela, or Cigarillo.

The second variable on New Year’s Eve, is determining your choice of beverage to pair with your cigar. The criteria varies, but some feel that a traditional match for a good cigar is a strong spirit like rum, brandy, single malt Scotch or whiskey. Others would like to bring in the New Year on a bit of a lighter note with champagne. With the advent of micro-breweries, might you want to pair your favorite beer with your favorite cigar? And what about those who don’t indulge in alcohol at all, what is their choice?

Of course the most important thing is choosing that perfect New Year’s Eve cigar. Cigar enthusiasts all have a different opinion about what is perfect. But think ahead. Will it be your favorite cigar or will you splurge on a new expensive smoke that you have been reading about lately?

A good cigar is the most luxurious pastime on the planet, yet the process of finding that perfect cigar can be a bit like searching for the mythical city of gold. Time is running out. Choose your cigar wisely, add your beverage of choice and choose the perfect location to bring 2018 in style. Happy New Year!

Here are a few of our recommendations. 

Picture is the Hemingway Classic Sungrown for 10.29, the Oliva 2017 V Maduro for 10.99, and the Tobacco Haven Meaner Digger for 14.99.