Quesada - Heisenberg - W65 Cigars, 4x65 Single Cigar

Quesada - Heisenberg - W65 Cigars, 4x65 Single Cigar

Brand: Quesada
size: 10.00 W × 5.00 H × 10.00 L
product.weight: 2.00 LBS
Shipping Cost: $4.97 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Based on the scientific formula that proves the more we know the less we know. Nobody knows what this cigar is made of. Not the filler, not the binder, not the wrapper. We don't know it's smoking characteristics, or the strength, or the flavors. The idea is to just let go of all the preconcieved notions about cigars and where they come from. Just sit back and enjoy the cigar. To much time is spent on all the little details when smoking cigars these days, and not enough time is spent on just sitting back, relaxing and enjoying a cigar and the time spent smoking it. So go ahead, grab a box of these and stop worrying so much!

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